Our focus is to support the integration of the areas of our core competence. We also provide specific services in different areas of our core competence.


Areas of core competence:

Consulting and support for management of R&D operation, human resources and competence building and strategic leadership.

Advice for creating and managing international innovative networks and legal entities.

Advice and consulting for International high-level marketing and sales, customer relationship management and contract negotiations.

Advice, consulting and solution finding related to material engineering, design and structural integrity of mechanical components, long term operation, ageing management, safety and reliability of power plants.

Advice and technical support for licencing nuclear power plants


Forty years of experience in management of R&D activities. Twenty years of experience in coordinating and managing of European Networks and Associations (NESC, NULIFE, SNETP, NUGENIA, ETSON). Advisory Board Member of IASMiRT, KINGS and member of other international associations and networks. Twenty years of experience in reviewing YVL Nuclear Guides and in the preparation of statements for licencing of Finnish NPPs as a member of the Advisory Committee of Reactor Safety (YTN) for radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). Former Board Member of Cormet Ltd, FinNuclear Ltd and Finnish Energy Council.


Contact info: info@clenercon.fi